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By Jonathan Allen

The plan for this conversion is too keep it low budget and to demonstrate that we can accomplish great conversion with a low budget.

The first step was to build the bed platform and to be able to have storage under it. I have put my bed sideways to allow more room in the truck.

With this done, I can move to the front and figure out the storage and sink position. I have found a sink and a fawcet with a manuel pump used for 30$.

The next step was to put a roof rack for my Thule box. I have found those bars for 130$ on Amazon. I can store stuff I use less.
I decided to put some lights under the bed/garage to be able to see at night. This is only one side.
I finished the front of the bed and I left space on one side to run wires and piping. It will be hidden behind the cabinet.
I bought 2 agm batteries that I plan to install next week end.
I installed led working lights on both sides of the rack. Can’t wait to light them up.