Manufacturer: Steward & Stevenson
 Model: LMTV
 Version: M1079 A1
 Year: 2000
 Kilometers: 4,700km
 Engine: caterpillar 6 cylinder turbo diesel.  450Hp 960ft torque
 Transmission: Alyson 7 speed automatic
 Power train: 4×4 30% front -70% rear at all times
 Can be changed 50-50 using an electronic button
 Adjustable air suspension
 Cockpit on adjustable air cushion
 Tire inflation system from the passenger compartment (ctis)

 Rear part (shelter) 8 wide x 12 long by 7 high (interior measurements)

 Overall measures 20 feet long x 11.6 feet high x 9 wide

 It was a US military command post.  The aft cabin is insulated, soundproofed and … explosion-proof

 The alternator produces 12v and 24v.
 Originally at the back there is a huge converter which produced 110volt and 220volt which we have withdrawn, which we will replace because the original one was much too large and energizing.