This spring I had the chance to test a mountain bike kit from FastHouse. A Jersey and a trail liner. I reviewed the jersey first and now, let me tell you about their cycling shorts. FastHouse calls them the Trail Liner Black and here is what I think about it!

About FastHouse

Honestly, it is quite difficult to find much information about this company. As we know, FastHouse is a lifestyle brand that manufactures off-road motorcycle and mountain bike riding gear and casual wear. Founded in 2014 by Kenny Alexander and Tim Schmidt, they are located in the greater Los Angeles area. Without having a tone of information about the company, the most significant thing remains the products and they speak for themselves! You don’t need a big presentation to be convinced.

The Trail Liner

The Trail Liner Black from FastHouse is one of the best underwear that I got for mountain biking. No joke, this is my favorite, from all that I own. When I started wearing padded boxer shorts for cycling, I was rather skeptical about comfort. I wondered if it was better to be sore from the impact of the saddle, or if it was better to be cramped and uncomfortable in those biking shorts? If I’d had FastHouse’s Trail Liner from the beginning, I’d never have asked myself this question.

This is their ‘’go-everywhere’’ chamois liner. Made from 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex, this liner is fabric with an ultrathin breathable stretch mesh. They are 8.5’’ inseam length. Something that I thoroughly appreciate is the microdot silicone grip on lower thigh bands. In my other chamois or even my boxer in general, I hate spending my time bringing them down further on my thighs. They just won’t stay in place. That’s why I find the silicone microdot so practical and comfortable. They stay in place throughout my biking rides. The Jacquard FastHouse elastic waistband is pretty comfortable too.

The pad is ergonomically designed for anatomical body contouring. Every time I wear them, I feel like everything is in the right place. The chamois isn’t really disturbing or uncomfortable. There are five high density layers of foam and anti-shock gel pockets to increase the protection. The chamois is also quite breathable because there are many perforated holes of 5 mm, to allow it superior ventilation. And finally, the material is anti-bacterial and mildew resistant moisture and wicking, an essential for that type of clothes!

To conclude

In conclusion, I sincerely believe FastHouse is offering us a top-quality product, designed for all types of riders, no matter how intense they are in their sport. Of all my chamois, it remains my favorite, due to its comfort and their truly original retro design. This trail liner is really affordable, only $50 USD. I will definitely buy another one, so I can have a spare when I do several outings in a row.

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