By Jonathan Allen

I always try to have on me hand warmers in case of an emergency or that my gloves don’t do the job properly.

In my quest to find innovative products, I saw that my friend Émilie from Tuque & bicycle expériences got some reusable hand warmers from Hot Poc. and I found the idea really good.

When I did my last glove review, people told me that they froze their hands with these so I brought some Hot-Poc with me and thank god I did. To activate it, we need to ply the metal disc and it is the one that creates the chemical reaction for the heat and it is instantly.

According on the format, the duration is between 15 to 60 minutes and to reset it, you need to boil them and we are all set.

Hot-Poc is now a must in my bag. It is over to run after disposable hand warmers for me.