In November 2023 I embarked on a record attempt along the Worlds Longest Continuous Bike Trail, The Munda Biddi Trail in Australias South West.

1067km in length and with 14,000km of elevation, the weather couldn’t have been more challenging. The hottest November temperatures on record, I set off in 40’C heat and battled the elements for 60hrs. Snakes, kangaroos, wild dogs, spiders, bushfires and 80km/hr head winds, with just 17 minutes of sleep, I arrived at the finish line…

Following the ride, we visited roughly 5,000 children in schools along the trail in the remote South West to talk about the power of dreaming and the importance of exercise on our mental health.

The Munda Biddi Dreaming Project was proudly supported by: OQEA, Alder Tapware, The Good Grocer, MBA Sports Coaching, Budget Rentals, Access Engineering Group, The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation, The Happiness Co Foundation, Resolute, WFR, West Cycle, The Bee Firm, Shire of Nannup and Wormall Civil.