For me socks are an important piece on a bike day. If we have a pair not quite adapted to our use, it can result in discomfort or sweating. I had the chance to try 4 pairs for you.

Smartwool Canada PhD cycle ultra light mountain mesh 29.99$ cad

I have to admit I was a little scared to try these socks because it contains Merino wool and my sensitive skin… Hates wool. Very quickly I was surprised by the fact that I didn’t have any irritation and they are very breathable, light, comfortable and resistant.This is my crush when I gravel bike!

Sombrio Podium socks 20.00$ cad

10 ′′ long these socks made with the cool max technology, allows the sweating to evacuate and keep the socks dry and not wet. For the price, I’m very satisfied with the yield and didn’t feel like I was riding with a big cotton bottom.It holds up well and after several washes, it’s still like new!

Dissentlabs X Brandon Semenuk GFX 33.99$ cad

When these socks came in, I knew they had a little something. I understood right away when I put them on. They are comfortable,breathable,has a small padding and compression technology. In addition, I love the length and the ‘feel’ from the socks. However after only one outing I had 2 hags in my socks and didn’t hang my pedal at all. It was a slight disappointment on this side.

Robin des bas X PRFO Icon socks $ 23.99 cad

With a length (about 10 ‘) to protect shin and made with synthetic fibers, these socks are very light, comfortable, breathable and resistant. After an attack from one of my Race Face Performance Products pedals ?, my leg is intact. I have to admit that this is my favorite pair at all points and on top of that, Robin des Bas have a great social mission.In conclusion, the price does not always determine the quality and / or comfort of a product and that here we have a great example of socks at interesting prices.

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