For me, the jersey is an important part when riding. It allows, among other things, to regulate the temperature of our body and also sweating. However, a jersey can quickly become a problem when we don’t buy the right one for the temperature in which we’re going to ride or at the design level, it’s too adjusted and uncomfortable. I had the pleasure of trying several for you.

Sombrio Renegade jersey $ 65.00 cad

This Canadian brand does not disappoint at the design, the cut and the durability level. It is wide and this allows a good freedom of movement. However, this is a jersey I suggest for temperatures down 20 degrees celsius, as it doesn’t evacuate sweating well and doesn’t dry very quickly. It’s perfect for spring and fall.100 % polyester

Fox Racing Canada Ranger drirelease jersey 69.95$ cad

Fox is in my opinion a benchmark in the field of jerseys and this one also does not disappoint at the design, the cut and the durability level. He evacuates sweating well and drys very quickly. For those who don’t necessarily like the feel of polyester, this one to the touch looks and feels much more like cotton.85 % polyester / 15 % cotton.

RIDE 100% Airmatic jersey 79.99$ cad

I knew the name, but I hadn’t had a chance to try their jerseys. I have to admit this is one of my favorites at the design, cut and durability level. It evacuates sweating very well and drying very quickly. I tried it in very hot and humid temperatures. I liked the length too.100 % polyester

DAKINE well rounded ¾ sleeve jersey 59.99$ cad

I’m not a ¾ sleeve fan but still decided to try it. I confirm immediately that I’m not a fan of this type of sleeves. He didn’t disappoint at the cut and durability level, but I’m issuing a big question mark about the fabric of it. When we sweat in a grey sweater and well, it’s apparent and not necessarily pleasant. I guess in another color the whole thing would be less worse. For those who don’t like the feel of polyester, this one to the touch looks a lot more like cotton.85 % polyester / 15 % cotton.

Garneau HTO3 jersey 54.99$ cadThis Canadian brand doesn’t disappoint at all points with this jersey. Whether it’s price, design, cut and durability, this jersey is my favorite of all. He is very light and breathes very well on hot and wet days.100 % polyester

PRFO tech t-shirt 35.00$ cadIt’s not necessarily a mountain bike jersey, but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at any point.From the design, the cut,the price and durability. It evacuates sweating very well and drying very quickly. In addition, logos are reflective. For a person on a budget or not, I recommend this jersey.100 % polyester.In conclusion, we have some for all prices and it is not necessarily the one that dictates Jersey’s performance. Polyester is a high performance fiber when well used. I strongly suggest trying these, because according to our physiognomy, the cuts can vary and we can quickly become uncomfortable.100 % of jerseys were paid for this review.

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