Source: Rapha films

From setback to superpower, Maghalie Rochette’s educational new ‘Menstrual Health Series’ is helping to shift the perspective on periods. Part of her Fever Talk podcast, the series educates and encourages riders to harness the power of their period, and improve their performance in doing so, opening up a crucial conversation usually held behind closed doors.

After learning that understanding the strength of your cycle allows you to use it to your competitive advantage, Maghalie’s view on periods changed. Changing our mentality toward something, she discovered, can change us physically. In her research, Maghalie found that during a period, you are in fact ‘most primed for exercise because that’s where your hormone levels are lower’. She discusses the whole spectrum of the cycle, from those who have periods to those that do not, and is working to break down any shame or uncertainty that usually surrounds the subject.