By Jonathan Allen

On my own confession, I paid little attention to Fat bikes Garneau, because it’s a brand that didn’t come back often during online discussion. This was going to change duringfat bike event in Rawdon. During my discussion with the representative, I realized that their fat bikes may have been neglected by consumers.

2 weeks later I had the Gros Louis 1 in hand and it was the start of my trying week. At least that’s what I thought! With Corona Virus my options being a littlemore limited, I went there with strategy and chose my first day of trial in Rawdon and my second day at Parc du Domaine Vert. I wanted to limit my risk tp hurt me.

Rawdon was exceptional as a day. The day before they received a bit of rain and then the cold, which gave a hard and slippery surface per place. For the Parc du Domaine Vert, the surface was cured and frozen on about 30 %.

Having no studs on the Schwalbe tires Jumbo Jim 26 x 4.8 did the job without more.The bike has a beautiful frame geometry that looks like the Trek Bicycle Farley 5 and the Salsa Cycles Mukluk aluminum. The gallows is 40 mm long and I have to admit that I found driving a little too direct. I personally believe that a 50 mm stem would be ideal.

Apart from this problem, the weight of the bike is similar to Salsa Mukluk aluminum. At the agility level, having a very short back part, the bike is very handy during very tight track. I have to admit that this is a feature that I enjoyed a lot. I was very comfortable in the position and climb this was much appreciated and I didn’t feel like I was pushing a brick.

At the components level, we are talking about a 12-speed SRAM MTB GX and of Level T hydraulic brakes. As usual, they are doing the job very well and I once again enjoyed brake modulation.

At $ 2499, do we get enough for our money? Not quite and this might be the reason why he’s not as popular. With a price similar to the Trek Farley 5, the Gros Louis 1 would be a serious competitor.

However, Garneau informs me that for 2020, the Gros Louis 1 will be coming on 27.5 Terrene Cake eater, a post dropper and Shimano-MTB SLX 12 for a price of $ 2599.00 and then we will have a bike for the very interesting price.