I’m noticing more and more people with BMX style helmets. Whether it’s on fixed gear or mountain bikes, these helmets have always been popular. For my part, I use one while fat biking and occasionally on mountain biking. This type of helmet saved my life in 2000.

Sandboxland have been making helmets since 2007 and I’ve always loved this brand, it didn’t take more to contact them and try their ‘ street ‘ helmets.

For this review I wanted to assess several factors: the weight, ventilation and comfort which to me are very important elements.

At the weight level, helmets are normally a little bit heavier than a standard bike helmet. I was surprised at how light these were and not feeling like I had a brick on my head.

On the ventilation front, I tried these helmets in July with temperatures over 40 degrees including the humidx factor and comparing my Giro and Bontrager mountain bike helmet at the same time, I do not have seen a huge heat difference with the Sandboxes which reassured me. However, they evacuate a little less well the sweat.

At the comfort level, the helmets come with different ‘paddings’ set to make sure you have good protection versus the greatness of your head. Some of these types of helmets aren’t very comfortable but Sandbox didn’t cut corners.

For people who aren’t fans of ‘ standard ‘ helmets, Sandbox helmets are a great alternative for an affordable price (About $ 85).

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