When Yoeleo Canada told me there is a Gravel series in Ontario, I was curious what it was about and I discussed with the even organizer Brendan signed up right away.

The first event of the season was April 9 in Kinburn Ontario and had three route distances:108km, 70km and 37 km. I decided to complete the smaller one for two reasons: it was early in the season, and I wanted to experience it as if I was a gravel event newbie.

The registration was super easy on their website and since the event take place 2.5 hours from my house I decided to sleep near the event and I found the Country Squire Motel which is a $80 a night super clean motel 15 minutes from the event. Sam, the owner, was hilarious over the phone and the reviews online were pretty good.

I must admit that for a person like me who is always frightened to miss something, the organization website was clear about the schedule and it was right on time on site.

The start was about 1 km from where we were parked and cars were escorting us by distances. Once the start was announced, we were rapidly in race and mud mode. Since they had rain in the previous days the road was muddy but firm. At some point we have hit pavement and I was considerably surprised on the 37 km ride the amount of pavement we have hit I was expecting more gravel and I adjusted my pressure for this and not road. I should have asked about this to the organizer but it did not taint the quality of the ride.The elevation gain was not that high and it is perfect for everybody who wants to try that kind of event.

Photo credit Robert Roaldi

The whole week I monitored the weather and It was announcing rain and it dropped to 40% by Friday. We were exceptionally fortunate to have received the sunshine and no rain at all which made this event even more epic.

Everybody that I came across from the start line to the finish had a enormous smile on their face and were really happy to be there that is including me. The finish line was a celebration for everybody.

Some participants at the finish with happy faces.

I must admit that is being the perfect season starter for me, and I am genuinely happy to have attended this event. I would like to thank Brendan Gorman for the kindly welcome. Next year I am back with a big smile in my face. 

The Cherry on top? Once I got home the same day, the pictures and the results were already online.

You can have more information about Gravel cup Canada here:




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