Hop-Poc is a Quebec company from Sherbrooke. Contrary to the usual disposable hand warmers, Hot-Poc offers an absolutely brilliant alternative for us and our planet as they are reusable up to a hundred times. One might think that the products used for the preparation are toxic but it’s not! The mixture is simply water with acetate sodium.


The Hot poc is equipped with a metal disc on which one must be press to activate the thermal reaction which releases heat which can reach a temperature of up to 57 degrees Celsius. The pvc pouch allows us to protect ourselves so as not to burn ourselves and therefore, allows us to apply it directly to our skin. In addition to being effective, the Hot Poc can be reused up to a hundred times. Only five minutes in boiling water after use until the liquid inside becomes translucent again and you’re done!
There are three sizes: mini, regular, XL. The mini measures 6x7cm and offers 15 to 20 minutes of heat. I use this format during my snowboard backcountry adventure, my short walks or during my running. The regular measures 8×11.5cm and offers 25 to 30 minutes of heat. This one is ideal for my days of snowboarding and my longest hikes. The XL measures 10x15cm and offers 45 to 60 minutes of heat. I think it can be ideal during long hikes, snowmobile expeditions or even during winter camping.


For my part, I used the Hot Poc several times during the winter during snowboarding day and often during my hikes. They have saved me from potential frostbite a lot of time. The winter was relatively cold and allowed me to test the product at his full capacity. Often during my outdoor activities, my friends were jealous and sometimes I gave them a Hot Poc so that they understand they are essential in a backpack.


The mini can be sold in packs of six for approximately $50 or in packs of 12 for approximately $75. The regular can be sold in packs of two for approximately $23 or in packs of four for approximately $35. The XL his sold in packs of two for approximately $25. Please note that prices and sets may vary.

In conclusion

I recommend this product whether for outdoor fanatics, for van lifers and families who like to play outside but especially for people who tend to get cold extremities such as feet and hands as these are partly because of these extremities we often lose our heat. Nice to know, the Hot Poc mini fits great in a glove or boot. It doesn’t take too much space, and it can literally save us in addition to being a Quebec product, non-toxic and reusable.

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