I had just come back from a long bikepacking trip and my bike had some pretty caked on mud and sand, not to mention a few greasy spots. I also just bought the bike so I needed to give it a little TLC. I decided to try Tru-Tension Monkey Juice Gel Bike Cleaner I got from Ottalaus to see if it was strong enough to cut the grime and scuzz, but gentle enough so that I wouldn’t be scrubbing a ton. I needed that new bike look back! After reading about it they say it doesn’t contain any harmful surfactants, salts, chemicals or acids and is, therefore, safe on all materials and surfaces.

Firstly, I noted it was a concentrated gel, which was good as it meant there was less plastic packaging. All I had to do was mix it with 800ml of water in a spray container that I already had and re-used. If used carefully, a little product seemed like it would go a long way, which is great.

I have to admit though once I opened that package the banana smell really hit me. I’m not a huge fan of strong-smelling products, so that was a bit of a bad point off the start. I was hoping it cleaned as strong as it smelled. 

Once I mixed in the gel with the water and let sit for a few minutes I started to apply it to my bike. It went on easy in a almost yellowing foam. Once it was sprayed all over, as they mentioned it was safe on all parts, and I let it marinate on the bike for a couple of minutes. Since the spray hangs around for several minutes, there’s minimal wastage and little need for reapplication. I came back in with a clean damp towel and a soft brush and everything came off with little effort. The greasy bits came off without much scrubbing. Even the chain, tires and sprockets cleaned up nicely. The cleaning results were pretty astounding and everything rinsed off with ease.

Once the bike’s clean and rinsed off, there’s still a thin, dirt-repellent layer left behind, which theoretically keeps your bike cleaner for longer and makes subsequent washes that bit easier.

I’ve been really surprised by Monkey Juice Bike Cleaner. It was a gentle yet efficient and effective cleaner and the layer it leaves after rinsing has some genuine benefits with useful protective properties. The only downside… that banana smell. Now I just need to convince my kids to clean my other 5 bikes!

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Trevor Browne was born a stone’s throw from the Rockies of Alberta. He now resides in Montreal, QC, with his family of four where he is a multimedia producer as well as a curator at Messkit magazine. He’s ridden 7000km across Canada, was one of the first Canadians to complete the Tour Divide, rode 1200kms in 3 days in the Paris-Brest-Paris event, loves riding on two wheels with his kids, and actively rides in bikepacking events across Canada.