Ever since I am a kid, I had a surplus of energy. Later we found out it was a.d.h.d (in my adulthood). I always wanted to move and could not stay home. I was on my bike a couple of hours a day or playing football.

I had a big biking accident and few snowboard accidents so for years I could not practice sports like I wanted to. I turned myself into work, and that was not healthy at all (burnout, weight gain). Something inside me was missing, and my surplus of energy was always there.

Biking has been in my teenage years a big part of my life, and I felt good when I was on my bike. It did not take long that my rides were getting longer and longer and that ”feel good” feeling was back.

Covid arrived and were confined home and the only thing we were allowed to do was to do sports outside. I jumped on my bike and had one of the best summer in a long time… But something was missing that I was not expected, the will to travel more and be a nomad.

A question you should ask yourself is this one: How you found out and what happened next?

I watched a Quebec tv show called La belle vie avec Go-Van and I found it interesting how people were living in a van all year long and travelling all over and be able to work remotely.

I started reading about the van life and the different options about it. For my birthday I decided as a last-minute trip to go down to Quebec City for a 3 days mountain biking trip and to sleep in my truck. It was not a perfect set up, but I was comfortable and found a nice spot. The feeling of liberty was incredible.

That feeling kept growing and the feel to leave again was there but with covid we needed to stay home and travel less.

2021 should be another story. I will travel more, ride more and visit places I never went before with my… truck. It will be low budget, but I will see if I can solve that urge to always move.

Will 2022 be THE year to buy a van and make the big move to live in a van all year long? Will see.

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Ever since he can remember he was riding bikes not being attracted to video games. In his teenage years he was racing bikes until he had a big accident that slowed him down and at a certain point he stopped riding. It is few years later that came he back on a bike and got the ‘’bug’’ again to be more serious about it and started a bike related blog. It is after a trip during covid that he realized that it would be great to talk about all his outdoor passions but with the perspective to inform the regular non technical people. This is how Allday magazine was born.