When I saw that Stages released a new computer earlier this year, I was really curious to test it out. The price looked appealing and the features too. Was what advertised really the case?

Size and screen

The computer in size is 81 mm x 51 mm x 22 mm which is in my opinion perfect. The screen is easy to read in every type of temperature, and you can view it in portrait or landscape mode. I wish the Stages 200 had a touchscreen for easy use while pedaling. The three buttons on the bottom of the screen are still easy to manipulate and switch screens.

The package

When I initially received the package I was surprised by how minimal the packaging was.

Battery life

Stages claims that it provides 18 hours of battery life while the reduced power mode was on. Personally I was unable to go over 14 hours with that mode and even less on the regular mode (about 8). I don’t see a problem if you charge your computer after each ride tho.

Screen types

The computer is well built since it builds screens and data fields based on connected sensors and I must admit I was quite impressed by this. It is also compatible with Strava and automatically updates your courses with it.

The other feature I genuinely liked was the maps. You can easily upload gpx,fit and tcx files or even follow the cycling path of your region on the pre-downloaded maps. You can even sync your phone to receive your messages and alerts on it.

In conclusion

Beside the fact that on two occasions I needed to reboot the computer to make it work, I think it is overall a great product. It will give a run to the Wahoo’s of this world.

You can have more information about Stages here:




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