Follow me in a 2 week odyssey deep in the northern Canadian trails of Yukon.

Throughout this journey I did more than 250km of hiking surrounded by gorgeous views, reached the summit of 13 mountains and crossed several rivers. I also encountered glaciers, snowy summits, tundra landscapes, quicksands, vivid turquoise lakes, wild animals, and more. I would usually further describe my adventure in this section. But this time, I modified my video format and I believe every detail can be found in the film itself. I hope this video will encourage you to visit this wonderful place. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions, I’ll be glad to help. Also, your comments are welcome as they will help me with my next video, in which I will explain the trip in more detail.

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28 years old filmmaker who loves to combine his passions for hiking, pushing my boundaries, cinema and music to create videos that focus on landscapes and ambiance.