I wanted to review this bike for a long time, but the timing was always wrong. Spherik is a Canadian bike brand that design their bikes in Quebec. When you talk with Dominique Faure a few minutes, you know right away that he knows what he is talking about and is a real passionate about cycling. At Spherik there is no Asian catalog bikes and every aspect of the bike is designed for a reason.

I had the chance to review the bike while I was at Empire 47 which is the fat bike kingdom in Quebec and the condition were perfect for the ultimate fat bike test. The temperature was about 2 degrees celsius, so the snow was not packed. I had a rental bike so the staff at Empire 47 makes sure you have the right tire pressure to have the maximum pleasure and let me tell you, they know their stuff. They even have a special platform to make sure your seat height is correct. Jonathan, you could have checked the pressure yourself? I could’ve readjusted the pressure to my liking later in the trail but it was not necessary.

The first feels

I test multiple fat bikes during the winter and I can tell pretty quickly if I feel right on the bike or not. Sometimes, the first impression is not always right but with the Spherik I felt good right away. The handlebar reach was right and not too low. Thats great Jonathan but what about the riding of the bike? We will get there.

The tires

The pressure in the tires was about to 5 psi and the Terrene Cake eater in 27,5 X 4.7’did their job pretty well in the condition I had. Either on the more flat than on the climbing, they bite pretty well. Luckily they were no ice in the trails, so I can’t tell if on icy conditions that tire would ride well or not. Wait what? A 27.5 inch on a bike of this price bracket? Yes.

The groupset

The Spherik comes with a Shimano Deore derailleur in 1×11 with a 11-51 rear cassette and with the elevation Empire 47 has, it was a great test to see if the ratio was good and I must admit that I had more than enough gearing with the bike. The gear change was going flawlessly.

On the brake side, I had Sram level and I must admit that I am really not a fan of the Sram products. Being a rental bike, I am not sure if the brakes were due or if it was simply because it is a Sram level brake, but I would have preferred a Shimano Deore brake set up. The lever pressure was awful.

The frame

The bike feels light compared to other brand I tested in this price bracket. I like fat bikes that are compact and agile so for me it is a big yes. Having 27.5’’ tire is also a big plus. I already hear you say: Yeah but there is more modern geometry on the market. I will answer that at the end of the day, if the bike does, what it is suppose to do why bother with more modern geometry? Or is it really more modern or just a different design approach to please the clients and have a big marketing buzz?

In conclusion

I was pretty impressed for what you have for a 1850$* price tag. Without a doubt, it is for me a big yes in terms of my overall appreciation of the bike.

*This is the 2022 price with additionnal components. You can have all the informations here.

You can have more information about Spherik bikes here:




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